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B.Rebel is an Indian lifestyle brand that originated to bring revolutionary consumer products at an affordable price for you. Presenting a plethora of smart wearables that include best smartwatch, latest bluetooth earphones, true wireless earbuds, noise cancelling earbuds and much more. Whether you are looking for a neckband or a pair of earbuds for gaming, B.Rebel has got you covered with the best in class.

B.Rebel is an Indian wearables brand that’s bringing forth a new breed of smart electronic gadgets to the Indian marketplace. Originated in Indore, B.Rebel is a homegrown brand that only fixates on delivering top-notch products at affordable prices without any compromise. Don’t believe us? Try our products!

We are more than a lifestyle brand that brings you the best smartwatch , earbuds and neckband , we are REBELS. Join us if you too wish to create a change. Tag us with #BeARebel, and we will find you!